Savings for our customers

Our target is to help to our customers to obtain real savings, based on smart, innovative solution and efficient management of long term collaboration.

Our team provides full service including creative ideas and costs optimising strategy. Obtain savings are result of smart and innovative solutions and optimising of whole process, mainly:

  • clear information about goods and its parameters, determined target and priorities such like extraordinary impressive design, very small size of disambled product, fastest possible assembling, long term storage or well balance of all parameters
  • collaboration of graphic designor and technical designor well balance design and function of product as well as technological needs of fast, precise and costs optimised production
  • good knowledge of production of raw material gives us real saving on input costs as well as minimal waste, obtained ratio of input towards output in tons is often above 70%, when average on the market is below 50%
  • own truck delivery system of double-decker trucks allows to plan such packaging that fully use volumes of truck, which is normaly not possible, because POS stands are light, but volume taking products and clients pays far too much for delivery of air
  • copaking service provided by Eclipse let customers to whom fits any of Eclipse location to fully save costs on transport to copacker
  • storage of partially ready products is only possible at producer with enough capacity and with good knowledge of technological process, because durability of partially ready product is different and we know what to produce at once to reduce costs and what is best to storage and finalise later; most expensive is to produce each quantity separately, better is to produce higher runs and store ready stands and ideal is to store product at optimal stage of production, which safe costs, raise its durability and dramatically reduce costs for storage
  • own production of corrugated cardboard gives us unique advantage to produce corrugatec cardboard ideal for each product, once the rest of market has to purchase products dedicated for boxes for packaging
  • own line of materials items, various accessories, plastic connectors, holder and hanger is not available for the other producers and is sold only as part of ready products.

Saving that we help to obtained to our customer is real saving, with real good impact of sources and environment. It is more than financial saving, it is list of smart solutions which is result of professional work of team, good knowledge of customers need and continous work in technological development, innovative solutions and searching for new opportunities.

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