We offer best quality materiál as well as economical alternative for each application.

Our policy is to purchase material directly from producers such like paper mill, producers of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic boards, inks, foils and other materials. Direct collaboration with producer helps to raise quality of our products as well as optimise prices for our custoemrs. For each category of mterial is offered best option on the market for reasonable price as well as economical alternative from producers who produce material for our own brand CHERRY, that incluldes economical solutions for banners, meshes, selfadhesve foils, lamination foils, boards and accessories. Each material is tested internally and its fire resistance and other parameters externally in certified laboratories.Although we do innovate regularly our offer, our relations with producers are always long term based and respectfull. Therefore we can rely on high quality of delivered material as well as perfect support from suppliers and their interest to particiate on development of our product. Our offer always clearly shows origin of material. We have passed FSC certification process.

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